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04/2017 Closing Time (Pilot)       
        -Director: Carlos Piñero
03/2017 The Adventures of Thomasina Sawyer
        -USC Graduate Film School
        -Key Makeup: Tierra Richards
02/2017: The Chosen Ones
        -Director: Mykel Shannon Jenkins
02/2018 "No Excuses" Meghan Trainor & Zumba        
        -Director: Tim Milgram
        -Key Makeup for Dancers: Kate Quinlan Froelich
01/2018 "Rising" Anabel Englund        
        -Director: Connor Jones

2013-2016 Wander Aguiar Photography: Makeup Artist |


Editorials Published:

-ICON Magazine (USA) | JAN/FEB 2016 Cover & "Muted Tones"

-Di Moda Magazine | JAN 2016

-Velvet Magazine (Dubai) | NOV 2015 "Sans"

-The LA Fashion Magazine (USA) | OCT 2015 "Dapper Men"

-Switch Magazine (Italy) | OCT 2015 "Lost Swan"

-The Storm Magazine (USA) | SUMMER 2015 "No Man's Land"
-10TEN Magazine (UK) | JUN 2015 "Tomorrow Land"

-Kirameki Magazine (Japan) | FEB 2015 "Pink Pallet"

-Buzz Cut Magazine (USA) | JAN 2015 "Solaire Engery"

-Elegant Magazine (USA) | SEPT 2014 "Body Skin Mood & Style"
-CT Magazine (UK) | APR 2014 “Farewell to Innocence”
-Elegant Magazine (USA) | MAR 2014 Cover & “Stephen’s Favorite Things”
-Jute Magazine (USA) | MAR 2014 “Punk De Luxe”
-M Mag (Brazil) | MAR 2014 “The Sand Ambition”
-Flawless Magazine (Ireland) | DEC 2013 “Punk De Luxe” (USA) | NOV 2013 “The Sand Ambition”
-CT Magazine (UK) | NOV 2013 “Punk Beauty”
-Elegant Magazine (Seattle) | NOV 2013 “Patterns Men & Emotions”
-Veaux Magazine (Canada) | NOV 2013 “Color Theory”


08/2013 Andre Soriano Spring 2014 Collection Campaign -Photographer Wander Aguiar


01/2018 Battle of the Brushes, Character Prosthetics - IMATS - Los Angeles

06/2017 Leonard Engelman Character Fellowship - Cinema Makeup School


02/2017 Cinema Makeup School - Character Makeup with Michael Spatola

   Aging Makeup, Bald Caps, Facial Hair, Injury and Tattoos

2014-PRESENT Committed Special FX student of Stan Winston School of Character Arts

11/2013 Makeup Forever Workshop -“The Loft Series” Los Angeles:

   Editorial Beauty with Anthony Merante

   Avante Garde Beauty with Will Lemon

   Black and White Beauty with Jeannia Robinette

   Red Carpet Beauty with Beau Nelson


06/2013 Poise Makeup Professional Training "Frame the Face workshop"

2006 Bachelor of Arts, Graphic Design, Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego, CA









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